After living in Singapore for several years as a parent qualified soccer coach and teacher I soon realised that not all soccer schools are the same in Singapore I thought it best to help parents make an informed decision when choosing a soccer school in Singapore.


A great place to start is to ask around. Ask friends who have kids who play soccer- club or otherwise. Where do they play? Do they like it? Why/why not? If you are currently at a club- are you happy? Do you feel like your player is ready to move up a competition level? Is there a certain coach that is well liked and respected? What would you like see in your childs team/coach/club?


Check out clubs in your area on this website as the case may be. How many teams do they have? Do they have multiple teams at each age level? What are the license levels of their coaches? How many teams do coaches have? Where are their practice fields? What leagues do they play in? If you have an older player.


Figure out what kind of club/team you are interested in joining. Be realistic- what is the skill level of your child? Are you looking for a very high level coach/team or are you looking for a fun and friendly local team to start your club journey. How far are you willing to drive or travel , check our locations page? Does your child have friends on a certain team? Is your child ready to try out for an Academy or Premier team? .


Find out when the open try outs (or trials ) are for the clubs/teams you are interested in. Most clubs will have that information on their website. Also- there is no need to wait for try outs if there is a coach/team you really like. You can always contact the coach directly and most will invite your son/daughter to a training session before tryouts begin. This is a good way for your child to get to know the coach and the team before tryouts officially begin.


Attend free tials and speak to other parents at the trials and make your mind up as you feel best – you know your child and of course, speak to him or her about it !


While your child is strutting his/her stuff on the field, you have an important job on the sideline. Please do not yell things out to your child on the field!! (You definitely dont want to be that parent ) While watching is great, my best tip is to stay quiet and listen to what is going on around you and then join in some conversations with other parents. Whats the buzz amongst parents ? Do people seem generally happy and a bit nervous, or do they seem upset and on edge? Of course there are all different reasons for parents emotions, but its a way to get an insight into how people are feeling about the club and the team.


The most important factor to me is if my family are going to be happy with the team. We discuss things as a family, but we leave the final decisions up to them. Club soccer is a demanding and time-consuming sport and kids increasingly have to make sacrifices (social time) to participate. Everyone does things differently, but our main focus is that my kids are happy, thriving and learning. We havent had a major difference of opinion yet, but they are the ones who have to play on the team!

All that is to say that there are many different ways to choose a team and many different things that are the right choice. Whats important is making the right choice for your family and child, especially in Singapore where everything is rush rush rush ! A soccer school in Singapore is a great way to relieve the stress of Singapore for both working parents and schooling kids !